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Topband: Eudora 3 and Mailman; hiding the long headers

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Subject: Topband: Eudora 3 and Mailman; hiding the long headers
From: (Pete Smith)
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2001 00:57:00 -0500
Thanks to Tim Miller, who sent me info on a simple fix for the very long
list header that Eudora 3 (including Eudora Light) displays on messages
from the Mailman mailing list software.  I'm passing this along in the
belief that many folks are still using and liking Eudora 3.  

Here's what he told me:

You can control the headers in ALL of the versions of Eudora. 

1. Close Eudora

2. Open Windows Explorer.  Find the directory where Eudora resides (may be
C:\Eudora or C:\Program Files\Eudora).  Look for the file called
EUDORA.INI.  When you find it, double click on it.  Notepad will open so
you can edit it.

3.  Look for the section labeled [Settings]

4. If a line that says TabooHeaders= is included, replace it with the line
below.  If not, insert the line below directly underneath the [Settings]
label.  Cut and paste so that you get it exactly as shown, with no spaces
or carriage returns. 


5. Save the file and close notepad.

6. Start Eudora.  Open a message from a Mailman list.  All the stuff you
don't need to see should be gone.  Press the BlahBlahBlah button to see it

73, Pete N4ZR

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