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Topband: first leftcoast in season

To: <>
Subject: Topband: first leftcoast in season
From: (Dr. Wolf Ostwald)
Date: 25 Dec 2001 07:26 GMT
Hello reflectees !
merry xmas to You and special thanks to Bill for keeping up the reflector for 
the 160m addicted.
Band yielded two westcoasters 2day. N7UA at 0635 and W6AJJ at 0645.For me that 
was the first shot across the Rockies this season.From the other side of the 
hill it was AE7H and N7JW getting in.
I hope this stirs up a bit of activity for those still under the xmas tree ( hi 
may You have a wonderful xmas time   de wolf -df2py-

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