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Topband: EU topband condx from W7 12-26-01

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Subject: Topband: EU topband condx from W7 12-26-01
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Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 09:14:18 EST
I heard several EU stations calling that were getting reports from the east 
coast as being 559-599.  Most heard in Wyoming were just above the noise but 
copiable including OZ1DD, UX0ZZ,.HA0DU.  Problem was is that I could not get 
through the east coast QRM as most operators remain in the old window jammed 
into a very small space.  

If you are in EU, you might want to consider moving out a bit away from the 
window.  I have heard F8BPN a couple of times around the 1.821 mark with Mau 
just running 100watts, in the clear.  But with all the adjacent QRM in the 
old window, hearing her here would be very doubtful.  Also you might consider 
calling for W6/W7 if you are working strong east coast stations of late. You 
may be surprised who is hearing you out here these days.  

Not to take anything away from our east coast USA stations, but please look 
for the west coast, mid west USA.  

Best times lately seem to start after 05:00 up until EU sunrise's.  The band 
has been great the past several days-   I am wondering what the QRM level is 
like between 1.820-30MHz in EU.  Is it a problem??

73  Paul  N0AH
DN-71  SE Wyoming

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