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Topband: remarkable night on 160 EU to Wyo

To: <>
Subject: Topband: remarkable night on 160 EU to Wyo
From: (Bill Tippett)
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 10:51:23 +0000
Trying not to be a reflector junkie, but:

Last night was remarkable on 160M listening to the signals coming out of EU.  
The first big signal was RA6AX at 04:39z.....first EU UA I ever heard from 
here in Wyoming.  But after several tries, he didn't hear me although he was 
moving the meter up to 2 S units on a 1 S unit noise level with the 600 foot 
NE Beverage.

At 0449, OH1XX was just as loud but we too had problems with a successful 
QSO. Another station stateside jumped in with my call to help (I hate that) 
but it didn't go well and I just QSY'd-

Then, at 0522z, a SM7 was trying but no luck, QSB killed us-  Then it got 
very interesting...

At 0532, I found F8BPN, with her 100 watts out of a Inv L antenna, down 
around 1.819MHz punching through with a readable signal on the beverage 
moving the S meter to 2 units- Wow!  She is only running 100watts......We 
worked first call-

After a break, I come back and find OZ1DD 559 at 0638z, then DF2PY punching 
in with a 569 report at 0654z-  PA0CLN is CQ'ing all alone and I worked him 
first call at 0648.  All still with the beverage antenna used for listening- 

A few minutes later, EA3VY is loud but to no avail- He does work a W7 but not 
me-  Loudest signal on the band the whole night but no luck-  So I move on to 
find DK2FG CQ'ing- he's weak but again, first attempt is a success, and his 
original 339 is now 559 at around 07:14z.

Sunrise moves across EU and I find ON4WW at around 0718.....same effect of 
his signal as with DK2GF.....QSB up and down 1-2 S units- but he peaks at 
559....this was a thrill to work Mark because we had discussed a 160M sked a 
few months ago- and here he was out of the blue CQ'ing away- awesome- 

PA0LEZ and I try at 0740 but I don't think he got my call.......then I finish 
the night with a strong GW3TMP who peaks at 0749 with a 569 signal- 

My noise on the Inv L was around 3-6 S units- I didn't hardly hear anyone on 
the Inv L but the NE beverage was a killer.  It typically makes a good 
difference in hearing, but tonight, it was huge- 

OZ, ON, and PA were all new ones for me on 160M.....In the 3 years I've been 
serious about the band, (excluding the few worked years ago with a back yard 
HF2V while living in Denver), I've been able to work 76 countries and confirm 
58,  so I am not as deep into my DXCC count as many on this reflector.  So 
what is remarkable to me might be chump change to others.....But to pick up 3 
new ones in one evening, all out of EU, from out here in Wyoming, was really 
was a lot of fun- 

On a side note,...F8BPN, being down on freq, had no QRM, and was a clear 
shot-  I really want to thank all of you who worked to get the volunteer band 
plan into is allowing those of us jammed out of the DX window 
in the past to have some room to operate- It's the best thing to hit ham 
radio in a long time for me and it will be nice if and when the FCC will ever 
make it official- 

Equipment here is a Icom 756Pro, Inv L with 90 1/4 wave radials, up 75 feet 
then pulled out towards EU, and an assortment of beverages- 

73  Paul  N0AH
Carpenter, Wyoming

P.S. also just got some interesting news from F8BPN who emailed me to say
conditions in France tonight had bad QRN S7-8 on her Inv L and that the east
coast USA signals, the few that she heard, seemed equal to our's out west
humm........interesting, but what does it all mean?   

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