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Topband: Vertical Antenna & Radial System.

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Subject: Topband: Vertical Antenna & Radial System.
From: (Bill Gerhold)
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 14:26:58 -0500
I would like to get some opinions on this.
My vertical is sitting on 10 degree or greater
sloping ground.  My radial system therefore goes
up hill on one side and down hill on the other side.
60 radials in all.

Q:  In what manner do the up sloping radials effect my angle
of radiation versus the down sloping radials on the other side
of the vertical?

Q:  Is my radiation angle higher on one side?

To make things more complicated, to my west I have
a ridge 1/10 mile away (8 miles long, running
north and south) about 150 feet higher than my antenna.

To my east, I have another ridge 2/10 mile away,
200 feet higher than my antenna.  This ridge also
runs for miles.  My north and south is clear for the
most part.  Therefore, even though my qth is at 1200 feet,
I am living in a high, valley that runs north & south.

Q:  Is it likely the ridges to my east and west
absorbing/attenuating some of my signal in those

Thanks for your learned replies.


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