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Topband: DX Condx on 12/25

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Subject: Topband: DX Condx on 12/25
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Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2001 11:28:03 EST
I experienced an incredible EU opening on 80 on 12/25 (actually, around 0600Z 
on 12/26) . After all of the Christmas partying had ended I took a quick 
listen on radio before bed. Radio was setup on 80 so I listened there first, 
and proceeded to spend abt 2 hours gorging myself on loud DX.

     By the time I decided to check out 160, which I should have tried first, 
band had died down. So I am wondering if 160 was also kicking butt at the 
same time and I missed it.

K8LV Eric von Valtier

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