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Topband: condx and comments 12/28

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Subject: Topband: condx and comments 12/28
From: (Jeff Maass)
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2001 18:29:42 -0500
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> Subject: Topband: condx and comments 12/28
> Heard EA3VY , Jose, very early on 160 (2200 about) so decided to watch 
> the band. Signals became legible at about 0430 and I wrked first QSO @ 
> 0448. The band then seemed to open in leaps and bounds till there was 
> activity all up and down(IK,SV,G,LY,9A,F8,SM,GM,and others. After 
> putting a bunch in the log I thought "This could be  awesome at EU 
> sunrise!" but then the bottom fell out. At around 0615Z I noticed 
> signals that were peaking moments before had become weaker. W0FLS was 
> hammering spots and wrking people I could no longer hear! I heard him 
> wrk EA3VY @0642Z and give Jose 599-I could not hear a peep on any 
> antenna. Then I slid up to 1845 and listened to W8JI wrk EU on SSB and 
> never hrd any  station he worked!! (Of course Tom's station is in 
> another world as far as listening goes!!!)

My experience was similar, although I could hear (barely) 
some of the stations W0FLS was working. There was a 
definate "crash" at around 0620Z.

I worked ES1RA (for a new one here!) at 0618Z, then 9A, OE,
PA, and OZ spread over the next hour. None were very strong,
but workable, listening with the NE Shorty Beverage.

I'm about 120 miles SW of Dan.

 Jeff Maass     Located near Columbus Ohio
         USPSA # L-1192       NROI/CRO    Amateur Radio K8ND
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