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Subject: Topband: Topband
From: (Tom Baugh)
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001 02:01:00 -0600
Remember the exciting days? Not sure how it used to be but I'm excited with
my new setup.
Haven't been able to stay up late here lately but.. Tonight was different.
Based on what I've been watching on the reflectors. Top band has had some
interesting results lately let me share mine with the group.
Located in a small rural setting 30 mile from Kansas City, MO I have two
Beverage antennas (help from K9DX, K0LW) one pointed to EU 45 Deg and one
90/270Deg. I just recently phase two short.. top loaded verticals (help from
K0LW,W0WG,KD0FW,AB0X others). Last night according to some of the local top
band gurus conditions were not exceptional. I, being a new enthusiastic
topbander looking forward to the Stew Perry Challenge, got on the work
several new countries for me. here's my log from tonight not including some
stateside and a few RAC contest contacts.
0451  HA5JI
0505  SM5EDX
0518  PA0CLN
0537  I2ZFD
0546  G4VGO
0647  G3SED
0651  DF2PY
0716  G3PQA
0724  GW3JXN
 0742  G0IVZ
Now these contacts may not excite you.. but they do excite me. The 45
beverage performed as hoped for. I could not hear most stations on anything
but the beverage.QRN was pretty tough. Of Note I think... I heard Wolf for
almost an hour before he was able to hear me. Most stations built up until
about 7:15Z then conditions in general degraded. Looking forward to more
interesting info from Topband knowledge base.



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