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Topband: TNX

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Subject: Topband: TNX
From: (aa1su)
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 09:58:08 -0500
    Thanks to George and Rag for the reply and the info. I wasn't expecting
my posting to take so long to get reflected. I only did so-so in the TBDC.
My Carolina Windom support rope broke at one end last year, and it has two
huge sags in it. A tree has snagged the end up nice and high. It kinda keeps
my signal level down. I hope to get it fixed before the CQ WW CW 160. But,
that's what I said yesterday. Instead, I was playing in the RAC Winter
Contest. Oh well, it was fun.
    As Ragnar pointed out, not much EU. In fact, none here. I've managed to
get EU in the past with my little 100 watts & wire. A lot of solar activity
this past week. Thanks George for the leads on the needed states. I will
contact them, if needed, after January 27.

Paul N. Gayet
President Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont

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