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Topband: ET3PMW

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Subject: Topband: ET3PMW
From: (Bill Hohnstein KØHA)
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 20:55:20 -0500
I thought that others might benefit from a message that I received from
Paul, ET3PMW (copy below).  I added a couple of comments [in
73,  Bill     K0HA

Hello Bill,
I heard you calling on 1826 yesterday June 30 from 0215 or so until 0225 or
so along with some of the 5 stations.  I called you but now I think you were
probably calling some one else.  Your signals were 579 to 589 at times very
FB.  Thank you to for the QSO,s we had several days earlier.  [I was
calling him but thought he was coming back to some one else before 0225
(the static has never made it easy for me to copy him).  I had failed to check 
W4ZV's web site until later that night to see that a prior QSO was completed
(I wasn't 100% sure about that one)--K0HA]

I also found you comments on my signal in relation to your sunset and my
sunrise.  The US stations usually peak here about 20 minutes before my
sunrise.  The latest I have worked any station here on topband was 0302
which was 3 minutes before my sunrise but by then the signal was pretty
weak.  The earliest time for my sunrise last month was 0305 and now it is
back to 0308.  I am on the south side of Addis Ababa and exact location is
Latitude 08.59 North and Longitude 38.43E. [my guess-timate should have
only put my figures 1 or 2 minutes off--K0HA]

Rig is Icom 706 MK II driving an AL-84 that only puts out 200 watts because
of  very low line voltage.  The antenna is a 268 center fed flat top between
two trees fed with 150 feet of ladder line.  The center is 55 feet up and
the ends between 60 and 65 feet.  I have a K9AY listening loop but it never
has helped in receiving on 160.  I do find it useful at time on 80 meters.
I made my first 160 QSO on may 2nd and have made 386 Q's since then.  206 of
those have been in to NA!  I have worked 42 countries and at least 29 states
on top band.

Past calls: KP4AWH. OA8V, 5Z4FO, T55FO and 5X4F

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