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Topband: Salt the ground???

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Subject: Topband: Salt the ground???
From: (Lee K7TJR)
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 22:18:11 -0700
Several years ago I put up a beverage antenna in a field with heavy clay
soil... I decided It needed all the help it could get from its end ground
rods and had read the Handbook as well.  I bored holes in the ground for the
ground rods and back filled with a combination of rock salt and dirt. I
never really gave it much thought as I ended up not using the antenna except
for the due south Peter1 expedition. I recently dug up the beverage and the
ground rods only to find they had rusted through the plating and
deteriorated profusely where the salt had been placed. I decided I would
never do that again as I suspected the rust would be a much worse connection
to earth than if it had not deteriorated so badly. Another beverage I had
put in without the salt had  relatively clean ground rods left. I've
surmised  that copper sulfate would be even worse as it is highly acidic.
Regards to all   Lee K7tjr   Oregon

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