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Topband: CW Transmitting Power

To: <>
Subject: Topband: CW Transmitting Power
From: (Donald Chester)
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 00:27:44 +0000
Before the power limit rule was changed to output power, the legal limit was 
1 kw DC input to the final.  For CW, that translated to a maximum of about 
750 watts output.  With the change in the power limit since 1983, it is now 
approximately double that, 1500 watts output.

Does anyone actually run that much power on CW?  The vast majority of CW 
stations I work run about 100 watts, and many are QRP.  At between 300 and 
700 watts output I seem to be one of the more QRO stations on any band I 
work.  I know that power can be a real advantage on 160, especially for DX 
work, and I know that many topband stations run the legal limit on phone.  
Has anyone ever heard anyone on ANY band running 1500 watts on CW?

Would 1500 watts output power on CW be reconcilable with the rule that 
requires minimum transmitting power necessary to maintain the desired 

I would like to hear your opinion.


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