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Topband: Sudan DXpedition in March

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Subject: Topband: Sudan DXpedition in March
From: (Bill Tippett)
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2002 18:17:18 -0500
         This is great news!  The German gang always does a great job on 
with their Titanex and superb low band operators (Dietmar DL3DXX usually 
does 160).
The last 160 operation I'm aware of from Sudan was by DF3NZ/ST2 in the 
early 80's
and that was quite limited.  Prior to that, ST2AY (now VK4YB) was active in 
the mid
70's.  If you can help them with their requests below, please do so as 
there is not a
better group to activate than this one!  Check this link for some of their 
past operations:


                                                         73 & Happy New Year!

                                                         Bill  W4ZV

Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #592:

ST, SUDAN. Chris, DL5NAM, informs OPDX that after solving many problems,
a German team has finally received permission and a license for Sudan.
The German team will be using the callsign ST0RY (Sierra Tango Zero Radio
Yankee) and will start their operation in March and stay approx. 3 weeks
(+/-); also, they will be active in the WPX Contest. Their tickets are in
hand; first material is on the way there. Their focus for this DXpedition
will be the Low Bands, WARC Bands, RTTY and 6 meters (in this order). The
German team consists of: Falk/DK7YY (CW), Dietmar/DL3DXX (CW), Uwe/DL9NDS
(SSB/RTTY), Felix/DL7FER (SSB/CW) and Chris/DL5NAM (SSB/RTTY). Currently,
they have plans for 3 HF stations (with amps), 3 Quarter Wave GP for the
Low Bands, some Yagis for 10-20 meters (incl. WARC) and some wire.
     However, they would like to do better and are asking the ham community
for help. Any help with used/new HF/UHF equipment is welcome, and also study
material for hams to get their license. They will leave some materials for
the national amateur radio club there. Also, they are looking for donations
from DX clubs/associatons to help reduce the high cost of transportation.
A web page will be available with a online log search thanks to DF3CB
(also a possible 24 hour internet connection maybe available to them).
Further details on pilot stations and their schedule will be forthcoming.
For questions, please contact them via E-mail 
at:   <>

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