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RE: Topband: Spectrum Protection Act

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Subject: RE: Topband: Spectrum Protection Act
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Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 07:17:19 -0400
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That's not a bad idea and I intent to send letters myself.  My guess is that
a "real" letter well written but concise might carry more weight than an
email but who knows?

Locally my representative, John Duncan, shows up as a co-sponsor. John's one
of the few politicians that get reelected with little trouble because he's
hard working and honest. He attended one of our local hamfests. Some
validation of his position on the spectrum protection act could help.

I'm not sure this act would help if BPL goes against us but it certainly
couldn't hurt.

Does anyone remember Loran on 160? Sounded a lot like area four in the ARRL


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> One way to help combat the BPL threat is to ask your Congressperson and
> Senators to support the Amateur Radio Spectrum protection act. The the
> URL below contains sample letters and links to your elected officials.
> I sent messages to three of mine in less than 5 minutes.
> 73, Steve WB6RSE
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