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Topband: Loaded BOG Rx Antenna - 160 meters

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Subject: Topband: Loaded BOG Rx Antenna - 160 meters
From: "Chris Zeal" <>
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Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2004 15:52:03 -0000
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Hi All

Due to my previous BOG (450 feet apprx) being damaged where it crossed a foot 
path in the woods (public land) I have decided to head in a new direction.

I have now put down a 180 ft centre loaded BOG.  The loading is about 100 uH (4 
inch diam and about 28 turns) and not yet terminated.  So far it seems to work 
very well so the next stage is to install earth stake and terminate.  
Previously I used 20 ohms as this seemed correct.  I see the latest thinking is 
around 200 ohms.

The ground is very drained and sand stone at about 12 - 18 inches below 
surface.  It looks as though this antenna will require around 30 ohms 

Do any of our readers have any practical experience of loaded BOGs using lumped 

I already have Gary Breed K9AY notes on this subject and others such as Bill 

Thanks and regards from UK.

Chris G4BGM  

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