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Topband: Front-end savers?

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Subject: Topband: Front-end savers?
From: "W5FKX - Don" <>
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 23:13:46 -0000
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After avoiding topband for 50 years, I tried it a couple of years ago and I
am now hooked! I have learned that my inverted-L, while getting me to 95
entities, is NOT the best antenna on Rx!  I am now experimenting with rx
antennas, hoping to find a workable one that is able to fit into my very
limited yard space; but I have a question: do I really need a front-end
saver for my rig? I am using (alternately) a FT1000MP and IC-756ProII, both
of which appear to provide grounding during Tx for antennas connected to the
Rx terminal. Is this adequate? Since any Rx antenna that I use will be close
(<30 ft) to the inverted-L that I use for Tx, is the extra precaution


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