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Re: Topband: Wire closeness in two wire Beverage

Subject: Re: Topband: Wire closeness in two wire Beverage
From: "Missouri Guy, N0TT" <>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 03:01:55 +0000
List-post: <>
> Having at last found time to study the recent, and most interesting, 
> "Two 
> Wire Beverage thread" I cannot find the answer to one particularly 
> interesting question:
> How close should one put the wires in a two wire Beverage system?

Hi Hermod,

Closer is better if you can keep the wire spacing very uniform.
Closer spacing for a given wire size will lower the impedance
of your open wire transmission line (2-wire Beverage).

The further the wires are apart, the higher the impedance will be (up to
a point).   The higher the impedance the more difficult it will be 
to match and keep electrically balanced.  More inductance is needed in 
the transformers and that may yield higher losses.

I have read some "guide lines" on the maximum spacing, 
in terms of wavelength (operating frequency)....I don't recall
what they are, but I do recall that 6" spacing on 10 meters
is too much.

If you are making your own line, use a spacing of not more than 
around 6"and use "large" wire to bring the impedance down to 
less than say, 600 ohms.  

A line of #12 copper wire spaced 6" will make a line ~600 ohms.  A line
of ~450 ohms uses #8 with a spacing of ~2.75" inches.  See the 
older ARRL handbooks or ARRL antenna books ("Line contruction
and operating characteristics")  for details on making/spacing/insulating

your own line.

Hope that helps.


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