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Re: Topband: Polarized current and interference

To: Hermod Pedersen <>,
Subject: Re: Topband: Polarized current and interference
From: David Sinclair <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 19:11:40 -0400
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Hermod Pedersen wrote:

In a web story run by the Cleveland Plain Dealer has an interesting/dubious part on AC polarization and its part in radio interference. It says:

"If you are using a nonbattery radio, make sure that the electrical socket is polarized. If you can flip the plug over and it still fits, you don't have a polarized socket."

Hi, Hermod-

This is obvious nonsense. Here is another 'civilian' posing as an
expert in radio. Some correct statements are also intermixed in the
article with this misinformation. I'd love to see how his sources
support this belief regarding minimizing RFI to receivers. They must
have never encountered the topic of AC power line RF filters.
They at least do understand that RF interference has multiple causes
and remedies in the 'real world'. Perhaps there might be some sort
of rare and bizzarre situation where, if the interference is
strictly single-sourced as conducted power line RFI, it might make
some slight difference. I sure doubt that, however. Much of what is
proferred in that article strikes me as rather 'fuzzy', a clear
marker for non-technical 'mock-expertise'.

BTW the website of the newspaper is one of those obnoxious forced
registration sites. I usually click them away to oblivion, never to
return. I have control issues, yes? LOL! But I wanted to see the
article, so I lied about all the info I gave them to 'register'.
I also went into my browser and deleted all 8 cookies they planted
on my hard drive, along with a lot of other snoopy cookies from
various other sources.

73, David K3KY
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