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Re: Topband: W6SAI three wire inverted L

Subject: Re: Topband: W6SAI three wire inverted L
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 21:36:54 EDT
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Antenna "efficiency" and loading efficiencies aside I wonder if there are 
real, significant advantages in having the current node up top on a vertical 
antenna (like that KE4UYP linear loaded model)  or as on a 3/8 wave inv L - 
especially given a very comprimise location in the first place like a crowded 
suburban lot with lots of nearby houses and other obstructions?  Only anecdotal 
experience here on such a lot but it seems to me my signal report history was 
higher to EU with the 3/8wave L than with the current 1/4 L - same exact 
and same exact single 1/4 wave counterpoise.

ON4UN makes something of obstructions on the near field in his book.  I 
realize the take off angle on the 3/8 is also somewhat lower than the L and Im 
ready to make a factual proclamation by any means but it does seem to me 
getting the node way up above the houses may be helpful at this QTH.  
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