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Topband: EZNEC Coaxial Transmission-Line Model

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Subject: Topband: EZNEC Coaxial Transmission-Line Model
From: "Dick and Adele Bingham" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 10:40:17 -0800
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Greetings everyone

I am not sure my interpretation of using EZNEC models for transmission-lines is 
correct. If one of you has a short file using a transmission-line (to feed a 
Dipole/Collinear/Sterba-Array/etc), I would appreciate receiving a copy.

I am investigating a 160-M dipole in the environs of a 160-M Sloping 
Half-Square and wish to effect an open/short at the feed-
point to detune the dipole when it is not in use. I want to examine the effects 
- if any - the vertical part of the TL has on the Half-
Square pattern/gain when the dipole is detuned. I have to use lightweight 
1/8-th inch coax because the ladder-line gets too 
heavy when loaded with snow/ice.

Any assistance will be appreciated... 

73 de w7wkr - CN98pi
Dick Bingham
Stehekin, WA 

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