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Re: Topband: Support for Flags?

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Subject: Re: Topband: Support for Flags?
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Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 08:46:52 -0700
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I'm using metal masts for my 160m Flag here.
The one at the rear is steel, and the one at the front
is aluminum.
Both masts are about 10-15 ft from the vertical wires
of the Flag.  Farther is better if you have the space,
but I don't feel that my Flag suffers any that I can
Good luck and 73
Bob N6WG

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Subject: Topband: Support for Flags?

I am about to put up a couple of flag antennas in my back yard (one
running 50 degrees, the other at 330 degrees, with a common support for
the back end). 

I *thought* I needed to use non-conductive masts (I was planning to use
fiberglass masts (from The Mast Company []) as the
supports, but recently heared that I can use aluminum ones without much
(if any) negative effect.  I assume they're lighter and stronger. 

The question, aluminum or fiberglass? 

Thanks in advance, 

Eric W3DQ
Washington, DC 
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