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Topband: EU Dxing

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Subject: Topband: EU Dxing
From: "robert briggs" <>
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 10:30:54 +1100
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Well I am well into my third month of early morning EU Dxing.I started on 
November 25 and have only missed three mornings due to other 
commitments,generally getting on air at 18.00Z 
cqing until  my sunrise which has now moved to 20.00Z.

The results until the 26th of January were very good with 213 contacts 
made.Since the 26th of January propagation has dropped away drastically and 
although I have a total now of 351 EU contacts, many mornings are futile or 
only one or two made over my calling time,mostly notable at sunrise or just 
after.Obviously conditions have altered drastically in my part of the world at 
the moment coupled with a very bad run of summer QRM.

I intend to continue until the end of March at least and will compare contact 
totals with my 2000/2001 summer EU DX run which was over 500 contacts and 
during the high end of the cycle.

There has been no Middle East or African contacts although have heard a few 
stations around Sunrise.Attempts to make contact have failed so far.I guess I 
will have to keep plodding along and hope that the propagation improves for me 
shortly.Wearing out the home brew Iambic key..

Regards to all. Bob VK3ZL..
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