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Re: Topband: Working a rare one....again

Subject: Re: Topband: Working a rare one....again
From: Charles Bibb <>
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 20:25:13 -0600
List-post: <>
At 08:22 PM 02/10/2006 -0500, you wrote:
>Your attitude stinks Charles-have a little compassion for those who would 
>like to work the Dx but perhaps can't afford "the dues" as you put it-or 
>all the toys either.

I knew this would be misunderstood.

I am filled with compassion for everyone (myself included) who tries to 
work the DX on topband and is often frustrated.  But I am mystified by the 
attitude that if an operator cannot afford "the dues" then he should have 
the DX given to him. Where was I when that memo got circulated?

My stomach churns just as much as the next guy when a "big gun" uses up 
precious minutes of a short band opening working a station that would be a 
new one for me, but is just another QSO for him.
However, not a single one of us became DXers by taking a vow to work each 
DXCC entity only once per band! What? You think everyone in the 3Y0X 
pile-ups needs it for a new one? Muscle-flexing at its testosterone-driven 

Understand, I am no big gun. But, neither am I a little whiner! So, all 
this "Let the little guys have a shot" mentality reminds me of communism, 
where everyone gets paid the same regardless of how much work one does. 
Kind of undermines initiative and any sense of self improvement.

Working DX on topband is not easy. It is not a birthright. You DO have to 
"pay your dues", whether with money for better equipment or through hard 
work or by becoming a more savvy operator. DXing on topband is a lot like 
playing chess. If you lose, you were outplayed. Pure and simple. Excuses 
are trash.

A smart operator learns more from the QSO's he doesn't make than he learns 
from the QSO's he does. He learns when he can out-fox the crowd, and he 
also learns to recognize a lost cause when he sees one. No doubt about it - 
topband DXing competitive. You have to learn to take your lumps when you 
don't make it through and resolve to do better next time.

I guess my bottom line is that if you can't work the DX, don't fuss at the 
ones who can.

Remember:  "A man may fail many times, but he is not a failure until he 
blames others."

Charles - K5ZK

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