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Topband: I knew this would be misunderstood.

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Subject: Topband: I knew this would be misunderstood.
From: "Alan Downing" <>
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 15:01:23 -0000
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160 is in my humble opinion  about being there when it matters. 
Is it wrong to call the same VK? or Dx ? when they are calling Cq with others 
replying but not being heard. The amount of times I have called Cq, the band is 
dead. Have been just on the verge of calling it a day because no one replied. I 
get a call from a station Ive worked loads of times. Just a quick Hello. 
followed by Loads of weaker / new stations. The weaker / new stations have 
heard the station thats worked me many times before and then found me in there 
    I start a new country count on all bands every year. My heard but cant work 
count this year on 160 is 34.  Do I mind if others hear me calling a station I 
cant work and then hear them work It. No I dont.
When calling Cq Dx Do I mind a "  Eu Pse " No. To give a quick report and thank 
you even in a brief Ja window only takes a few seconds. Not to many reply to a 
" Eu Pse " with a complete life history im pleased to say.

The bottom line.  If I put the hours in I can work most of the ones that got 
away.  If I dont I wont.  160 is not a Turn the rig on for half an hour and 
work all you hear. Even with the best setup the got away list just gets longer.

Hommer Simpson.

Would say "  Thinking is the first step towards Failure  "

There is enough people incapable of thinking. Tunning on the Dx station 
frequency and causing problems. 

For the rest of Us just keep on trying.




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