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Topband: noise floor and cancellers, saga continues....

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Subject: Topband: noise floor and cancellers, saga continues....
From: "ik3umt" <>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 22:24:11 +0100
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Hi All,

I'm playing around with my MFJ 1025 (with some inexperience in these

With working principle in mind, I've found it not so useful..

I live in an urban environment where , with my half sloper (and ,with less
amount , with my k9ay) , noise floor into my radio is S 8-9 all day long.

MFJ device is working, in fact I'm able to null every heard signal to 30-40
dB down but...not the noise !!!

Unfortunately, I'm not able to identify noise, as it is an undefined noise
floor, same type of noise you hear S 1-2 into your receivers.mine is S9
..the difference is when you have to listen to a DX with S3 , you can
understand me .

I've built a 4 inputs antenna switch in order to select wich one to connect
to MFJ main and to MFJ aux, so in example I can receive with k9ay and sense
noise with sloper , or receive with magnetic loop and sense with k9ay or
other..all possible combinations.

Results are always poor, I have not a dimmer , a power line, a motor a lamp
(and so on) to null out, I have instead a noise floor to lower down 20 or 30
dB !! 

Probably MFJ is not the right device or I am wrong in using it..

So definitively I ask you a personal idea about argument and some useful
hints about how to fight problem.

Best 73 

Federico, ik3umt



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