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Re: Topband: Transceiver for 160

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Subject: Re: Topband: Transceiver for 160
From: VE6WZ_Steve <>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 07:46:14 -0600
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> Steve you mentioned a reverse APF mod.  I don't believe I have seen
> one.  Could you provide info on that.  I am using an FT-1000D and
would be
> interested in exploring that mod.
> I also find the APF to be very effective.  I also have an FT-1000MP
> the
> D is better at pulling out the weak CW because of the APF.

Hi Cecil:

I forgot to mention that I have also owned a FT-1000MKV and found the
APF to be mostly in-effective.  Sold the radio after 1 year.

I have had a number of questions about the APF mod.
There is some good info, including the history of the ft-1000d APF from
Jeff K1ZM here:

The strange thing is that I had done this same mod before reading Jeff's
post.  I purchased a new FT-1000d and like Jeff very quickly discovered
that the APF seemed to be "broken". Compared to the old radio, the new
APF lacked "gain".  Taking the radio to the local Yaesu tech. in town,
and discussing the problem, we contacted Yaesu and looked at the mod
history....yes indeed, Yaesu had "fixed the APF", presumably because
many owners didn't like the ringing. WE simply changed the radio back to
the old configuration...just some resistor changes. Jeff on his post
explains this very well. Note there where I think TWO different changes

There is something unique about this very simple analog APF that is
superior to the new DSP ones.  The IC-7800 APF does not seem to "pop"
the signal out of the noise as effectively.

I have noticed that some operators have trouble with the "hallow sound"
of an APF and don't like it, so the benefits of this mod are likely to
vary between operators.

Please note, that the benefits that I have noticed using the APF are
ONLY when copying signals that are just bubbling above the noise floor.
Solid signals above the noise can be copied equally on my other radios. 

Steve ve6wz.

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