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Subject: Re: Topband: de n7dd
From: K4SAV <>
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2007 09:15:01 -0600
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Herbert Schoenbohm wrote:

> Question: In the ARRL 160 contest is AH2 considered a separate  country?
> Thanks,
> Larry,  n7dd
>Larry, I know it sounds strange whenever DX is declared not DX
>excathedra......but for the purpose of the ARRL 160 meter contest AH2 is a
>PAC multiplier just like KH6.  However, I am still confused on which ARRL
>section KP1, KP5 and even Gitmo would be in.  I think in the 50's Cuba was
>in the West Indies Section but was dropped.  This year I doubled my score
>because most of the DX would work me but a few still refused.  When I called
>a VP2 nearby, who was active in the contest, he repeatedly told me to "go
>away." I just kept calling and he finally gave me a report. Whether or not
>his logging program will put me in as a contact remains to be seen.
>I think the ARRL CAC will revisit the rules. However previous remarks, when
>I raised this issue years ago, stated this was a 160 meter version of
>Sweepstakes. If that is the case then why did they include DX? The answer is
>obvious, "DX is!"
>Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ
I can understand the confusion on the multipliers for the ARRL 160 
contest.  I can't really answer the question, but I can add to the 
confusion.  The rules say:

5.2. Multipliers: ARRL/RAC Sections (maximum of 80) and DXCC countries 
(W/VE participants only).

5.2.1. Northern Territory (NT) multiplier includes the Northwest (NWT), 
Yukon (VY1) and Nunavut (VYØ) territories.

That's all they say.  There are no other clarifications.  AH2, KP2, KP4, 
KH6, KL7, K, VE, etc, are all DXCC countries.  According to the rules as 
stated, some of these would be double multipliers.  Example: KH6 is an 
ARRL section (PAC) and a DXCC country (KH6).  KV4FZ is also a double 
multiplier (KP2 and VI).

I don't know how they really figure the multipliers when calculating the 
scores, or what they intended to say in the rules, but the rules as 
stated can be interpreted as I stated.  I never know what my score 
really is.  I just send in the log and let them worry about it.

Jerry, K4SAV
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