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Topband: big K9AY-loop + MFJ 10126

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Subject: Topband: big K9AY-loop + MFJ 10126
From: "Johan de Vos" <>
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2007 18:30:23 +0100
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Hi all,


In have set up a loop which is twice as big as the normal K9AY loop; a
little more noise, but signals are much louder. I was able to work V8 and
could hear AH2L easily. Question is, what will be best size to have the
optimum S/N. Does anyone has experience with this?


Another experiment is 2 verticals spaced ¼ wave (40m apart) tuned for 160m.
The verticals are 6 mtrs long and in use with the MFJ 1026. It works, but
not as good as the K9AY loops. So next experiment will be 2 x k9ay loops
spaced 40m in combination with the 1026. 


I also tested beverages here, but K9AY was still the winner at my location.
3Y0X was better to hear on the K9AY then on the 300 mtr beverage! I live
near a river, so to much reflections to have proper working from the


Conclusion: to improve the gain here, I have to work further with the K9AY


73?Johan PA5A   

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