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Subject: Topband: [Fwd: Re: Par BCB filter]
From: Art <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 17:43:39 -0700
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In my original post on the PAR BCB filter I quoted 1.7MHz attenuation at
-18dB measured. I failed to say it is a high pass filter. It does not
attenuate any interference sources above 1.8MHz. As Kerry points out it 
does a great job in the BCB, on the order -30dB
or more.

I also use the ICE 419 filter. This filter does a poor job of
attenuating the top third of the BCB, a credible job below that. It is a
passband filter, does an excellent job (-30dB or more) attenuating above
4MHz when in the 160 position, i.e. the shortwave band between 80 and
40. Not all  that sharp, not too many poles. Interesting to view the
effect on the spectrum analyzer with the 160 antenna hooked up.

I use the two in series.

73 Art

Kerry Rochester wrote:
> Hi you guys
> I use this filter too, and have found it to be better and cheaper than 
> my $200 11 pole Array Solutions Topband filter!
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