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Re: Topband: Half Slopers

Subject: Re: Topband: Half Slopers
From: K4SAV <>
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2008 20:12:36 -0600
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WS6X wrote:

>I have some questions about the top loading in shunt-fed tower systems in
>general, and more specific to my case, half slopers (which have been
>described as "a lazy man's shunt-fed tower")............
I called it a half sloper because that is what you did.  It was obvious 
from your post what antenna you were talking about, so no confusion 
there, but to be correct, I should say this about the names.  The names 
for these things are very confusing. 

The thing commonly called a sloper is a quarter wavelength of wire that 
uses a loaded tower as the other part of the antenna.  This is also 
sometimes, but less commonly, called a half sloper, and it is also 
sometimes called a 1/4 sloper.

If it is a half wave dipole fed in the center but the whole thing is 
sloping then it is called a full sloper.  This is also sometimes called 
a half wave sloper.  Notice that a half sloper is different from a half 
wave sloper.  Very confusing, but don't blame me, I didn't invent it.

Jerry, K4SAV
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