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Topband: Receiving antenna

Subject: Topband: Receiving antenna
From: "Gary Smith" <>
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2008 21:20:27 -0500
List-post: <>

My first post to the group. I finally have an antenna up for 160, 
it's an end fed sloper running from the basement window to the top of 
the closest tall tree. The wire is 150' long and attaches to the 
tuner as a random wire. There are three 100' radials attached to the 
ground rod which is 4' from the tunerand I'm matching this with a Nye 
Viking MB-V-A.

Although I'm using an Omni V with 9mHz 250 Hz and 6mHz 250Hz Inrad 
filters the qrn is substantial and it's difficult to pick out the 
calls through the QRN. Compounding the QRN, there are electric 
railway tracks on one side & QRN aplenty when trains go by. There's 
some RFI from a neighbor's electronic device directly south of me 
that is strong on 160, but what is good is I'm right on the ocean and 
nothing due east to get in the way or cause QRN. 

Here's a graphic of my Connecticut QTH: and 
my antenna tip is North by northwest. Because of the proximity of a 
neighbor I can not tip it to the South. 

I could run the antenna to the east if I go straight up and then hook 
over the apex of the roof & go over the house lengthwise to the 
highest of the neighboring trees but the tip now is about 60 feet 
high and if I point it to the east the tip will be 40' high. Because 
of the slope of the land, the tree line is flat.

So with this information; I'm looking for DX and can either leave 
this sloper run elevating to the North by northwest or have the tip 
run to the east. I'm not familiar with this kind of antenna so 
perhaps for DX I should re-orient the tip to the East or perhaps I 
could add a 2nd element and fed it to the east as well?

It seems like my best bet to minimise QRN & qrm is to have a 
receiving antenna and with the summer approaching, constructing 
something elaborate would take too much time. I'm also wondering what 
you folks might suggest I put together to help me hear a bit better. 



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