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Topband: VP6DX TOP band

Subject: Topband: VP6DX TOP band
From: "Vlad,RA4LW" <>
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 09:02:47 +0300
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Hi guys!

   Feb'21, I arrived for sunset  (as usual, for the last 10 days), and  
on 80m there was a "built up" signal VP6DX

   Main direction to VP6 is 350 degrees, is a difficult path perhaps,  
but they are always coming from NA, or from JA  on 80m. Never heard  
them from LP.

   I switched to 160m 10 minutes before sunset, ... and everything  
sterted then...A peak was exactly on sunset, at 1400z (S6), then  
signal dropped down a bit, and I was able to listen it fairle for 23  
minutes, and then he went QRT perhaps
The sound is a bit "restricted" but you can hear something yet...

Great setup! Great team!

Vlad/RA4LW (VP6 #248)
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