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Topband: Wow - signals on my radio in the morning

Subject: Topband: Wow - signals on my radio in the morning
From: Tree <>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 09:04:06 -0800
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Had a few minutes to turn on the radio before leaving for work this morning.
This would have been between 1450 and 1500 UTC.

VK6AU was on (or close to) 1825 khz.  John was working VE7, Washington and me
at that time.  After my QSO, I tuned up to about 1830.5 and could clearly 
hear 9M2AX calling WB6RSE.  I couldn't hear WB6RSE, but on the same frequency,
C21DN (I think that was the call) had a pile of locals calling him.  I think
Vlad, RA4LW ended up being the one he came back to however.

Good to hear some good "stuff" on the band in the mornings.  Oh - and VP6DX was
probably holding court as well - they were very active during the CQ 160 SSB 
contest and I understand have also gone to SSB after 0800Z when their CW rate
was near zero.  

In the phased array department, I am working towards my ultimate goal of having
4 parasitic elements supported by my 80 meter 4 square verticals.  The first 
element is done (I cheated and used another tall tower as a support, but 
electrically, it is the same as what I will have for the other 3 elements) and
am seeing excellent results with it as a 2 element beam (either as a reflector
or director).  I hope to get it's matching element up next weekend and have the
first half of the final array completed.  This will give me 3 elements either
going north-east or south-west.  Always happy to test front-to-back with anyone
if you hear me on the band.

73 Tree N6TR/7
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