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Topband: VP6DX Very Loud

Subject: Topband: VP6DX Very Loud
From: Ed Gray W0SD <>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 14:35:43 -0600
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VP6DX was unbelievably loud here this morning.  A true S-9+ signal being 
the strongest at 1315z. They were louder on the 1/4 wave vertical than 
the drooping dipole at 195 feet.

This is the best I have heard them but they have always been copy able 
when I have listened at the proper time.

They have a lot of experience and that is valuable and you obviously 
have to be able to hear to be able to work people.  The thing I keep 
wondering about is why I don't hear a lot more good signals on 160M. 
Many people could run the power they are running.  Many people could run 
the antenna they are running.  The hardest work would be putting down 
the radials which I don't know how many they put down but a lot of 
people could do that.

The only reasons that I can come up with is the proximity to the salt 
water and a southerly path.  They are not going though the magnetic 
field as we have to the north from here.  As I mentioned certainly for 
other stations to somewhat do what they are doing they need to be able 
to hear and on a deserted island there should not be a lot of man made 
noise and they have good beverages so that is a big plus but on transmit 
it seems a lot of operations could duplicate what they are doing so 
there must be other factors.

So some of you that know a lot more about the top band than I do why are 
they so loud?

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