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Topband: 160 band plans

Subject: Topband: 160 band plans
From: "Craig Clark" <>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2008 10:57:10 -0500
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In the LORAN-A days, we also had FCC mandated band plans and power limits.
In New England we were limited to 1800-1850 and our power limits were 500
day and 100 night from 1800-1825 and 100 day and 25 night 1825 to 1850, if
memory serves me correctly. DX was ususally found between 1825 to 1830
and all operation was split. Interstate operation also was often split. Call
CQ at 1820 and listening in a specific range.

One final thought, Stew Perry, W1BB and his wonderfull newsletters and
correspondence. Stew was most encouraging to me as both a Novice and young
General and helpful with suggestions, ideas and encouragement in his
letters.  I wax nostalgic but I have found that same spirit on this
reflector as moderated by W4ZV. We all have opinions but the spirit of W1BB
and his collegial approach to 160 is shared by many and that is a testament
to his legacy as Mr. 160.

I am glad I knew him.

Craig Clark, K1QX
PO Box 209
Rindge NH 03461
(603) 899 6957
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