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Re: Topband: Contest where was EU

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Subject: Re: Topband: Contest where was EU
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Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2008 12:52:53 +0100
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Merv Schweigert schreef:
> To the others who kept calling over me when the DX did
> come back, may the fickle finger of fate corrode your
> paddle contacts. Get a receiver.  Or ears whichever us
> lacking.
I was at PI4Z, operated mostly 160 and 80. There are a lot of EU's with
big (wide) signals who make it impossible to work DX without a good rx
antenna. I called a lot of nice multipliers, they hear me on first call
but I dont hear them coming back, and have to wait till the big guns
stop sending their calls10 times.I like 160, even in contests, but from
my site it would be better if there were no EU's. :-)

The big problem with contesting on 160 is the CQ.-machines. Too many think
that S&P is not the thing to do !!
If they would just take 2 minutes break ......................

The biggest  " sinners" are often the club stations, probably manned by less
experienced TB operators.
A special cathegory is some clubstations in Eastern- Europe, probabaly using
5-10 KW and HUGH antennas.
Some are still using ex-Sovjet military transmitters, which have less than
clean signals !

Even with my fancy IC7800 with the narrowest filters, I have problems ! !!!


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