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Re: Topband: Inverted L Tuning Question

Subject: Re: Topband: Inverted L Tuning Question
From: "Victor A. Kean, Jr." <>
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2008 21:15:13 -0500
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On Thursday 04 December 2008 6:06:16 pm wrote:
> Any recommendations what I can do to get it working before tmw night?

Don't connect it to the tower ground, unless you disconnect or
detune the tower.

Lay out a dozen radials, as long as you can make them.

Shorten your L a bit or, better, put a series capacitor in
line to tune out the inductive reactance.  Don't worry about
where the resonant frequency is, just get a good match.

Any or all of these to get a good match.  However, your efficiency
will be low unless you add radials or your tower is in the middle
of a salt-water marsh.

Victor, K1LT
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