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Topband: The 13th Running of The Stew Perry TopBand Distance Challenge

Subject: Topband: The 13th Running of The Stew Perry TopBand Distance Challenge
From: "Lew Sayre" <>
Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2008 14:20:49 -0800
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Ladies, Gentlemen and Others,
   The Boring Amateur Radio Club is excited to announce the 13th running of
The Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge. This dandy 160M contest runs from 1500Z
Dec. 27 to 1500Z Dec. 28, 2008.  You can operate 14 hours during this time
period interpreting and sending CW with the exchange being your 4 character
Maidenhead Grid square location.  This allows you and the log checking
apparatus to divine how far away the station you just worked happened to be.
All this adds to your QSO point total which is explained fully at        There is a bunch of information
at this site
which pertains to this grand competition which you should check out.
     The Boring Amateur Radio Club believes that the contesters know best in
areas of competition which should be awarded plaques.  Therefore The Club
forward thinking Radio Operators who advance not only a plaque
classification which
needs to be recognized but also the paltry $50 to turn their vision into a
beautiful work
of wood and shiny metal art. This art has the donor's call along with the
winner's call
inscribed so that future generations will see and understand what happened
the fierce 14 hours of TopBand combat.  Since 160M and radio in general is a
channel, The Boring Amateur Radio Club Committee on Plaque Appropriateness
reserves the  final approval in all plaques. You can join the enlightened
contesters as
noted below.
   Already these legendary plaque sponsors have spoken up for this year's
edition of this fine contest as noted:
Call             Category
KL7RA       Highest # of QSO's
KB7Q        Top Score QRP
K1EP        Top Score, Low Power using Elecraft K3 radio
TF3KX       Aurora Borealis Award (Top score > 60 deg North geomagnetic
                 latitude QTH)
AE6RF     Top Score Low Power in W6
NA0Y        Top Score USA
VK6VZ       Top Score with antenna in space < 20m X 10m- (winner gets Royal
                 Flying Doctors of Australia cap rather than plaque)
W7TMT     Top Score Low Power First Time Entry
N7UA      Top Score High Power
K6DBG    Top Score First Time QRP (no qrp entry X past 3 years)
KI7Y      Top Score High Power Oregon-(W7GG/Ai7B Memorial)
N7KQ     Top Score Central/South America

    Please indicate on your soapbox entry on the Cabrillo form which plaque
you are trying to win.  The Boring Amateur Radio Club is just trying to
produce the world's best radio contest and is not particularly adept at mind
reading, so specify to pacify our plaque awarding process.
    You can join the above noted contesting giants!  Determine a category
and then send me that email followed by a $50 check to The Boring Amateur
Radio Club.
     The ARRL has just finished its very nice 160M contest warm up for The
Perry TopBand Distance Challenge. I hope that all of you got on and gave out

your section or country a few times. Your homework assignment before the
of The Stew is to divine your 4 character Maidenhead qth which is part of
exchange for The Stew Perry. If you just make up your Maidenhead exchange,
our astute vice president in charge of checking of the logs will ferret this
out and
you may not be eligible for An Official Boring Amateur Radio Club T shirt.
The Club is pondering giving out a few official T shirts when we find
of contesting at its best during this contest's fray.
     Negotiate now for some radio time during the holiday season so that you
can join
The Boring Amateur Radio Club in a friendly TopBand radio contest.
   See you in The Stew.
   73 and I remain,
   Lew     W7EW/W7AT
The Boring Amateur Radio Club Plaquing Proclamator
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