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Re: Topband: Shunt Fed Tower

Subject: Re: Topband: Shunt Fed Tower
From: Jon Zaimes AA1K <>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2008 05:12:27 -0500
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Yes, if other antennas are on the tower series feeding does require some 
big RFC. Mine are typically 75 to 100 feet of coax or rotor cable wound 
on 6-inch diameter PVC forms (size originally suggested by W8JI). Some 
pix at under "towers."

The advantage to series-feed in a multielement parasitic array such as 
mine is it allows for quick detuning of the tower (by letting it "float" 
above ground) for adjusting other elements, and for more flexibility in 
using other than a central element as the driven element (so the driven 
element in one configuration could become a parasitic in another, for 

73/Jon AA1K
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