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Topband: Inv.L relocating

Subject: Topband: Inv.L relocating
From: "Randy Lake" <>
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2008 10:00:03 -0500
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Gm all. I have a pair of Inv. L's both with approx. (40) 100' radials spaced
1/4 wl. I am thinking of relocating one L about 50' farther away to give it
more height.The question is should I keep the same feedpoint and angle it up
and over to the new support or move the feedpoint to keep it more vertical,
keeping the same radial field.
My 3 choices:
1. Keep my current setup  60' vert 75' horiz.
2. 80' vert - 55' horiz. w/feed offset from radials by 50'
3. approx 100' sloping vert. to 35' horiz. using existing feed.

My second "L" cannot be moved and is 60' vert by 75' horiz. and the property
slopes down to the proposed change by about 15'

Using insulated 12ga stranded for the L's

Any thoughts?

Randy Lake N1KWF
73 Gunn Rd.
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