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Re: Topband: Morning Stew Perry from DM91

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Subject: Re: Topband: Morning Stew Perry from DM91
From: Sam Morgan <>
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2008 16:46:55 -0600
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Fortunately the return of darkness was much kinder to me @ DM91.
Finished with 59 contacts and 176 points. I think that gets multiplied by 1.5 
cause I ran my big gun TS-450S 100w station, it's classified as a low power 
entry, never mind that it's erp is 1.3w

I think KV4FZ was the longest contact with 3955km (so GenLogger said)
K7RAT came in next @ 2464km and K3ZM was 3rd with 2301km. HQ9R still has me 
scratching my head about the EK66 grid square I thought I copied.
But hey I know my poor copy is only excelled by my QLF, (I'd laugh if it 
so true) Now if this old fart could just stay awake all night, he might could 
get a few more Q's.

Great fun, hate we'll have to wait til next yr to do it again. Thanks for all 
those with the great antennas and skills to dredge my big gun signal out of the 

For a look at the grid squares that we had Q's with check out:

GB & 73
Sam Morgan
Linux, the lifetime learning experience.

Sam Morgan wrote:
> Well this morning was strictly swling from DM91 San Angelo, TX.
> Noise from the upper Midwest storms made listening a real pain.
> My mighty miniature 13 foot tall Hi-Q vertical @ 20 feet up on the 2nd floor
> roof, was able to hear only 3 stations. K8IA, KC7V and N7GP. All 3 took turns
> being the best signal, that is to say they each were at one point about S5-S7,
> peeping out of my S5-S8 noise floor.
> I tried all 3 with my Elecraft K2 @ 5w (ERP=65mw) as well as with my Kenwood
> TS-450 @ 100w (ERP=1.3w) no joy. Well that's not quite true I did at least 
> get 
> K8IA and KC7V to hesitate their cqing long enough to get a couple of AGN 
> AGN's 
> from them. Whoohoo, they could tell someone was there, hi hi.
> Not very exciting, but then that's how it goes when you use these miniature 
> 160m
> verticals, the static beats a path to your reciever as your signals dribble 
> off 
> into the black hole we call 160m. God I love this hobby <big_grin>

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