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Topband: EP-----IRAN Frequency Operations on TopBand/160 meters

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Subject: Topband: EP-----IRAN Frequency Operations on TopBand/160 meters
From: "Dennis Peterson" <>
Date: Sat, 6 Jun 2009 11:23:56 -0400
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From:   Abdollah Sadjadian, EP2FM;  as@neda.nt
Date:  Saturday June 06, 2009, 10:43 AM
Subject:  Amateur Radio Activity and topband operating privileges           

The email below received from Abdollah Sadjadian this morning after a request 
for his assistance last evening.
Dear Dennis

I hope you are well and operating contentedly.
Please note that for all practical purposes there is no amateur radio activity 
in Iran. And, with 160 meters never used ( at least for the past 50 years that 
I know of) the issue is not clearly defined here. However the only restriction 
always defined and enforced is the max TX output power of 100 watts. 

I, Dennis/K0CKD happen to have a QSL Card from EP2IA when I was WB9YTT in 
Illinois back in the late 1970s.  Not on 160 meters though.

For your info. I have been off the air for a few years, mostly due to the tall 
buildings around my house completely blocking my antennae. I have now a 
permission to install the antenna on the top of the tall building by my house 
but a bypass surgery some months back and unavailability of suitable low loss 
coax has delayed reactivation of EP2FM so far. 

Also, my old Drake TR3 is only good for 80,40,20,15 and 10 meters bands. 
Besides that I understand that 100 watt into a small simple antenna would not 
do much on 160 meters. Still, I am interested to hear more if somebody plans to 
work EP on 160 meters.
Please feel free to write should you need any more info or possible help.
Best Regards
Abdollah Sadjadian,EP2FM

Dennis G. Peterson
326 East Jefferson Street
Apt 2
York, SC  29745

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