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Topband: K9AY over fence

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Subject: Topband: K9AY over fence
From: Art <>
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 2009 07:28:11 -0600
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I've got a pair of Beverages now. The local gas companies have recently 
installed electric motors with PWM controllers that make quite the 
racket on 160 and 80. They're working with me on quieting all that down 
but, on the proposition they will be either unsuccessful or unwilling to 
spend enough money I'm going for an alternative for this winter.

This summer I will put up a K9AY loop setup. I can place the loops far 
away and over a hill but can't do the same with the Beverages. 
Physically the best place for it is partially along a barbwire fence. 
The fence is a waist high 5 wire.

I'm familiar with the conventional wisdoms: 1. Don't do that. 2. Never 
put an antenna near a metallic object. 3. Don't do that.

I didn't find much on placement over a conductor in the literature. 
Having repeated the conventions, moving on to reality, I'm asking how 
someone might have been successful doing what we're not supposed to do, 
what might be the best orientation (like, a foot over the fence etc.), 
ground the fence near the loops?, etc.

I'm planning to start with a pair of crossed loops, ending up with a 
four square of loops. The initial loop will be close to the Beverages 
(100 ft) so my initial thought is I'll have to remove the Beverages to 
gain useful measurements on the loop.

Thanks, 73
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