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Re: Topband: inverted L fed with coax

Subject: Re: Topband: inverted L fed with coax
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Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 12:29:27 -0400
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I have had a 160 Inverted 'L', 50' vertical, 85'-90' horizonatal with an 
elevated feedpoint at 20' and 3 elevated radials, and fed with 300' of RG213 
and tuned it with just the tuner in my TS850.  Yes, I'm only running 100W, but 
the loss at 1.8 MHz is negligible.  If you feel you need to match the antenna, 
use a 50 to 75 Ohm Unun, or an It was a decent antenna and it would have been 
much better to have a radial field, but my rear 1/2 acre is heavily wooded and 
the tree roots prevented that.  I said that I have "had" the inverted 'L', 
because many of those 80' tall Ash trees have died and several took down the 
antenna when they fell over.

Check out Tom, W8JI's website.  He talks about even using RG-6 CATV coax with a 
KW, because the loss is so low at that frequency.


73, Gerry, K8GT

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