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Topband: Dual feed for Pennants

To: Topband Reflector <>
Subject: Topband: Dual feed for Pennants
From: Greg - ZL3IX <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 23:06:18 +1200
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Hi all,

I have the opportunity to extend my remote Rx site with a couple of 
phased Pennants for the SE/NW direction.  I intend to cover both 
directions with a single pair of antennas, and use relays to switch 
between load and feed at each one.  I will be using W8JI's feed 
transformer design with two transformers per antenna.  For convenience, 
I am thinking of putting the relay in a box at one of the feed/load 
points and running a coax right through the middle of the antenna to the 
opposite feed/load point.

My thinking is that, since the feed is isolated at each end, and the 
coax is much shorter than a wavelength, there should be no pattern 
distortion, and little noise pickup.  I will run a simulation on this 
just to check, but I was wondering if anyone is using a similar 
arrangement, and, if so, what the results are.

73, Greg, ZL3IX
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