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Topband: "Sunflower" The new Russian Woodpecker

Subject: Topband: "Sunflower" The new Russian Woodpecker
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 12:26:04 EDT
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It seems likely that Russia will propagate its new Over The Horizon (OTH)  
radar system around the periphery of Russia -- to include the four Russian 
naval  fleets, the Pacific, Northern, Baltic, and Black Sea according to a 
recently  published news item (translation displayed below) from the 
Vladivostok  press.  Although the OTHR will be deployed in the vicinity of 
facilities, such a capability could support a number of military surveillance  
activities including cruise and ballistic missile launches.  To the best of  
my knowledge, Russia has not yet provided a technical description of how 
its OTH  would operate.  If they do not include provisions to skip amateur 
radio  frequencies (and other users of nominally treaty-protected HF spectrum), 
the  potential for interference will be significant throughout the northern 

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Russian  Defense Ministry Selects Location in Maritime Kray for New OTH  
Vladivostok Vladivostok in Russian 04 Jun 09

[Article by  Nikolay Kutenkikh on the Russian Defense Ministry's selection 
of a location in  Maritime Kray for installation of the new Podsolnukh 
over-the-horizon radar:  "Podsolnukh [Sunflower] Looks Over the Horizon."]

Vladivostok (Vladivostok)
04 June 2009
Issue  Number 78

"Podsolnukh" [Sunflower] Looks Over the  Horizon

Author:  Nikolay Kutenkikh,  Vladivostok

The Ministry of Defense has chosen a site in the  [Maritime] Kray's 
southeast for situating a new type of long-range radar (a  total of four 
were considered in Maritime Kray for the  state-of-the-art complex).  On the 
shore of one of the area's bays, Moscow  specialists installed a unique 
complex for tracking the movements of any foreign  surface warships.

This location turned out to be the  most acceptable from the perspective of 
the terrain and geodesic position, which  was confirmed by the Navy's 
commission.  The complex was developed by  scientists at the Moscow Scientific 
Research Institute of Long-Range  Radar.  State testing was carried out 
successfully at the beginning of this  year.

At this time, not only will the waters of the  Sea of Japan be as clear as 
the back of one's hand, but a certain zone of the  Pacific Ocean can be 
observed as well.  So, now the movements of ships from  the US seventh and 
fleets and the navies of other states will be tracked  by the Pacific 
Fleet's shore-based observation system in real  time.

At this point only officers, warrant officers  and contract servicemen are 
serving at Maritime Kray's Podsolnukh.  There  are no conscripted sailors on 
a regular tour of duty here.  The majority of  officers are graduates of 
the Admiral Makarov TOVMI [Pacific Naval Institute]  and St. Petersburg's 
Popov Institute of  Communications.

On the military unit's base they  conduct assemblies for graduates of local 
schools in the region.  And in  the future they plan to open a training 
subunit.  This means that this  unique military facility has prospects for 
future  development.

"V" Data

The  Podsolnukh over-the-horizon digital radar complex is unlike anything 
else in the  world.  It is an entirely domestic development.  Evidence of the 
 Podsolnukh's importance is the fact that friendly maritime states are 
actively  trying to acquire it from Russia.  The Pacific Fleet was included in 
the  rearmament program through 2014, so the first complex of the series was 
situated  in Maritime Kray.  Earlier an experimental model was installed on 
the  Kamchatka Peninsula, where our nuclear submarines are based.  Later 
they  will be sent to other units across the country for protecting the 
Northern,  Baltic and Black Sea Fleets.  The cost of one Podsolnukh is 
approximately 3  billion rubles.

[Description of Source: Vladivostok Vladivostok  Online in Russian -- URL: 
_http://www.vladnews.ru_ ( ]
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