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Topband: Topband Website Warning

Subject: Topband: Topband Website Warning
From: Charles Bibb <>
Date: Wed, 05 Aug 2009 16:22:05 -0500
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Hi, Topbanders

I visited the Who's Who on Top Band website yesterday.  As I was 
leaving, my anti-virus/anti-malware programs were activated.  No big 
deal, I just told it to get rid of the "Trojan Horse" that tried to 
invade my computer.

I wasn't sure that the threat came from this website until it 
happened again this morning.  This time, the attack was much more 
malicious.  My programs had to deal with MUTILPLE Trojans and viruses 
and other malware - at least half a dozen, not just one.

Beware of this site.  It is infected!

Also, I had the same thing happen recently when I visited EY8MM's 
site, so beware of that one also.

Charles - K5ZK

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