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Re: Topband: Disappearing toroid

To: Jon Zaimes AA1K <>
Subject: Re: Topband: Disappearing toroid
From: Herb Schoenbohm <>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 14:32:04 -0400
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Jon Zaimes AA1K wrote:
> WBut the feedpoint on the other was perplexing. The insulated coil wires 
> were still in place, looped just as I had wound them on the BN-202 
> binocular core several years ago. But the core itself was gone! I 
> scoured the ground below but could find no pieces of the ferrite -- 
> though since this is in a woods they may have been buried by pine 
> needles and leaves.
> While I thought a lightning strike might have vaporized the core, I 
> would have expected there to also be damage to the wires. But there is 
> no evidence of this -- the insulation appears undamaged, no blackness or 
> other sign of being "cooked."  

Ah ha Jon!

 Maybe you have discovered the key to why Beverages work so well.  It 
could be possible that they capture and assimilate antimatter. The 
vanishing core could be caused by antimatter disambiguation which could  
result in  hyper evisceration of the ferrite core material without 
enough durational heat  to damage the wire.

 If you are able to trap and collect some antimatter particles be sure 
to make arrangement for adequate security as antimatter is said to be 
the most costly substance in existence at an estimated cost of $62.5 
Trillion dollars per gram! In fact NASA is considering collection of 
antimatter in future deep space probes because the amount in existence 
is so rare but in demand.

I don't know what a jar of the tiny pesky Steinlaus will bring, not 
much, but their price could go up because I understand with widespread 
urban extermination efforts they are considered for elevation to the 
endangered species list in the U.S.

I hope this unravels the mystery of the vanishing toroid.


Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ
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