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Re: Topband: electrically shortening a tall grounded tower

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Subject: Re: Topband: electrically shortening a tall grounded tower
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Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 22:55:02 -0700
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I operated for a number of years with a 250 ft tower with sloper 1/4 wave 
lines attached 1/4 wave from the top of the tower.  I simply hooked coax 
between the tower and the sloper like you would feed a dipole.  This made 
the sloper and the tower appear a little like a half wave vertical.  The 
tower was of quite large cross section so I ran three slopers with separate 
feedlines, one from each corner of the tower and selected them for some 
directivity on transmit. The fact that it WAS directive means that it was 
not at all a pure half wave vertical.

It worked very well.  I am sure there were lots of odd currents flowing 
here and there, especially in the solid guy anchor lines about 50 feet 
below the slopers, but it performed well.

If you have the luxury, you CAN stop the stray currents.  Come down a 
quarter wave from the top and install at least 4 quarter wave radials of 
serious size conductors - each could be a cage of 4 wires simulating 
something faintly like the cross-section of the tower itself.  Then come 
down ANOTHER quarter wave and do it again, with these sloping much more 
than the high ones.

This approach is much like the sleeve collinear antennas for VHF and UHF.

Feed the tower against the top set of radials -  probably the best way, but 
mechanically awkward, would be to gamma match the top quarter wave & tie 
the set of radials hard onto the tower.  If that's not convenient, make a 
ring around the tower and attach all the radials to it and feed the power 
in between the radials and the tower.

If you REALLY want to work hard on it, make it into a J pole.  This will 
require that the short part of the J be of similar cross section to the 
main tower, and spaced appropriately.



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Subject: Topband: electrically shortening a tall grounded tower

Is there any effective way to electrically shorten a tall grounded tower to 
1/4 wave? I tried modeling a 1/4 wave cage surrounding the tower but it 
still shows a lot of current in the protruding section with resulting high 
angle radiation. Then I tried modeling a 1/4 wave stub above the cage 
grounded at the top to the central tower which appeared to turn it into a 
dipole and still significant current above the stub. I was also thinking of 
using an external parallel resonant trap/choke but would this actually work 
when situated at a zero current point at the far end of a 1/4 wave 
Thanks and 73 Bob N6BK/HS0ZIA

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