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Subject: Re: Topband: Here's one for ya
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2009 12:59:34 -0600
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I think you are correct, Gary. I forgot to put my ICE RF 
Limiter/Arrestor in there until after I wrote that note. Believe it or 
not, the problem went away! I don't understand it, but it seems to be 
that RF current is/was entering the ICOM Pro II through the beverage and 
affecting the amp--It wasn't the swr on the xmtr that went up, it was on 
the Alpha '87a, which faulted right away. ( I wish I knew how to know it 
faults because it is behind me and I have the headphones on most of the 

Anyway, you were right and I *think* that solved the problem.

Appreciate all the comments!


Gary Nichols wrote:
> P.  The RX input (beverage input) is active during transmit!!! There are
> many shared circuits in a transceiver and the radio thinks the swr is high
> and causes foldback to happen.  You need to use a FES (front-end-saver) to
> disconnect your beverage during transmit before you burn out the front end
> of your radio.  Visit and look at kd9sv products (FES)
> for a description of one solution...this product has saved the life of many
> many radios.  73, de gary, kd9sv (you will probably hear from many others
> who faced the same problem)
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> If I xmt on the inverted L and receive on it, the SWR is 1:1.
> If I use the beverage to recieve, then the SWR is too high.
> Coupling?
> P.
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